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2022 CIGRE Canada Conference & Expo

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
October 31 – November 3, 2022 • www.cigreconference.ca

“The Great Energy Transition”The 17th Annual CIGRE Canada Conference on Power Systems will bring together key players in the electric power systems sector: business leaders, system operators, manufacturers, engineers, scientists, policy makers, regulators and academics. Join some 400 participants from major organizations at this unique forum to share exciting new research and breakthroughs, raise issues or questions, discuss future directions, and network and exchange with leading professionals from all over the world.

Topics of Special Interest

Efficient Electrification and Customer Participation

  • Carbon-neutral energy sources
  • Distributed energy resources (DERs)
  • Energy autonomy and microgrids
  • Electrification of transportation, V2G-V2H
  • Energy storage, photovoltaic (PV) systems, HEMS and home automation
  • Innovative business models

Results and innovative applications related to CIGRE Study Committees themes

  • Rotating Electrical Machines (A1)
  • Transformers (A2)
  • High Voltage Equipment (A3)
  • Insulated Cables (B1)
  • Overhead Lines (B2)
  • Substations (B3)
  • HVDC and Power Electronics (B4)
  • Protection and Automation (B5)
  • System Development and Economics (C1)
  • System Operation and Control (C2)
  • System Environmental Performance (C3)
  • System Technical Performance (C4)
  • Electricity Markets and Regulation (C5)
  • Distribution Systems and Dispersed
  • Generation (C6)
  • Materials and Emerging Test Techniques (D1)
  • Information System and Telecommunications (D2)

Asset Management

  • Working and operating methods
  • Manufacturing process, design, modelling, materials, degradation mechanisms, experimental science, signal processing, on-board measurement system (OBM), digital twins
  • Forecasting tools and risk analysis

Smart and Flexible Energy System

  • Network management centres, artificial intelligence, expert systems, simulation tools, computing platforms, blockchain, cybersecurity

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